Assessor BagnallConcerning the Niles Township 2016 Reassessment:


Cook County has currently scheduled 9/6/16 as the mail out date for the Niles Township [NT] reassessment notices. We have known for quite some time that these notices would be mailed out during the fall of 2016. So no surprise there.
My best guess is that we will see a 25% increase in Assessed Values [AV]. So if the median NT AV increase is around 25% then no surprise there either.
It’s complicated but a 25% AV increase does not mean a 25% property tax increase. In essence, if Cook County increased the AV of every property in NT by 25%, and the dollar amount of the levies did not increase, then every NT property would have the same tax bill after the AV increase as they had before the AV increase.
So we are not going to panic. The sky is not falling. It’s not a Cook County conspiracy. It is, actually, going along as it is supposed to go along. If Cook County makes a median AV increase of 25% then that is precisely what they were supposed to do.
But we are going to check and confirm anyway. I am going to help the NT property tax payers analyze their new AVs, whether up, down, or otherwise. If the AV for your property looks inaccurate then I will walk you through the appeals procedures.
I will be scheduling an appeal seminar with NT’s good friend, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. I will email additional date/time/location information soon.
I have also scheduled a number of smaller, informal appeal discussions. Check for date/time/location information.
I will have expanded office hours as necessary. I will send email notices and you can also watch the website.
If you have questions specific to your property then please carry a copy of your 2nd Installment 2015 tax bill with you. (that’s the yellow bill that was just paid ).