2018 is year three of the 2016 reassessment period. Cook County has recently opened the appeal window for Niles Township taxpayers to challenge their 2018 assessed values.


Cook County will accept appeals through September 28, 2018. However, since I hand carry appeals filed in my office to Cook County, the deadline to file in my office is September 27.  As always, my office will assist taxpayers in filing their appeals. There is never a filing fee and never a charge when my office assists. I will also schedule appeal assistance seminars if suggested by the 2018 appeal interest.

My office assists Niles Township taxpayers in all property tax matters, including all exemption checking and filing and certificates of error. My office can do most anything that Downtown can do, but without the lines or the $30 parking.

One more thing – please keep it in mind that the Niles Township businesses carry 2 ½ to 3 times the property tax burden per dollar of assessed value than do residential properties. Support the businesses that support Niles Township and buy local.