Niles Township Assessor Scott Bagnall

Assessor Bagnall Scott Bagnall is an attorney and a certified Illinois Assessing Officer as well as a licensed real estate broker.  He is a graduate of the Loyola School of Law and DePaul University.  A long time resident of Skokie, Mr. Bagnall is a former Chicago Police Officer, an Illinois Wing Legal Officer,  a Check Pilot for the Civil Air Patrol, and past President of the Cook County Township Assessors’ Association.

Assessor Bagnall views the Niles Township Assessor’s Office as an informational  taxpayer advocacy and public service office.  He strives to ensure that all taxpayers receive timely, courteous, competent and relevant assistance, conducted at all time with unquestioned impartiality.

Assessor Bagnall has made it a priority to build working relationships with the local Mayors, County and State elected officials who also serve the constituents of Niles Township. His office has sponsored many seminars regarding how the assessments are calculated and how to file an appeal. He will continue this practice and as your taxpayer advocate he hopes and encourages you, that if there is anything he can do ,that you would reach out to him by email  he prefers emails to setup appointments but you can call his office at 847-673-9300.



Mr Bagnall is a Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot (and actually a CAP Instructor Pilot).

If an Emergency Locator Transmitter is activated, a satellite picks up the signal, which is relayed to the Air Force. The Air Force sends the CAP out to find the ELT. In Illinois, because we do not have remote areas like say Colorado does, 99% of the time CAP finds involve an inadvertent ELT activation.

They do not actually do so much rescuing in Illinois. You can’t hardly crash an airplane here without the farmer’s wife hearing and reporting the crash.  But the CAP does get called out for National disaster relief and has flown missions for the attack on the World Trade Center, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Illinois tornado damage assessment, flooding assessment and etc. At any point the Air Force can call on us to respond and relocate in a very short period of time.

Mr. Bagnall has been flying for 30 years and have a commercial license with instrument and multi engine ratings. I also have  flight instructor certificates for airplanes and instruments.

As far as Civil Air Patrol goes it is a matter of constant training and preparedness should the need arise and the call come.

 scott parade

Mr Bagnall is  also a certified motorcycle teacher and  trainer. One of his most favorite things to have been able to do,as the Assessor of Niles Township, is ride his Bike in the 4th of July parades in Skokie and Morton Grove. 

Scott 2016

Assessor Bagnall 2016 July 4th Parade